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Baskin-Robbins: The ice cream chain owned by Canton, Mass.-based Dunkin’ Brands scored consistently well with new commercials in 2013, Symonds said.

“They rolled out a campaign that was highly visual,” he said. “It was visually arresting and full of imagery around the ice cream, usually with holiday promotions like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.”

Baskin-Robbins had the highest component measure for attention of any brand in quick service, he added.

Dairy Queen: “With Dairy Queen, it’s really all about the Blizzard, the same way TGI Fridays was all about Jack Daniel’s,” Symonds said. “These are ‘anthem’ ads, which speak to the Blizzard as the ultimate representation of what Dairy Queen is.”

Dairy Queen’s advertisements are actually split between “burger” and “other QSR” subcategories, the latter of which produced the most effective ads in 2013, Symonds added. Dairy Queen’s Ace Scores for three “burger” ads under the new slogan, “It’s fan food, not fast food,” were “good, not great,” he said.