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The quick-service segment was nearly a clean sweep in the second quarter, as Baskin-Robbins nabbed the top four Ace Scores of 699, 693, 672 and 668 with four 15-second commercials released between mid-April and early May. They centered on the “endless variety” of Baskin-Robbins’ customized beverages, “endless possibilities” for ice cream cake, or “endless spoonfuls of fun” with the chain’s different toppings.

A fourth ad for online cake ordering was Baskin-Robbins’ No. 2-scoring commercial.

“I don’t think we’ve ever seen that kind of dominance from a single brand, ever,” Symonds said.

He noted that through the four commercials, there were “towering scores” for product as the best attribute cited by survey respondents, all between 34 percent and 38 percent per ad. Between 19 percent and 20 percent of viewers cited visuals and food photography in Baskin-Robbins’ ads, while the brand itself received double-digit percentages of survey responses as well.

“People love this ice cream, love the way it’s presented and think it’s completely authentic with the Baskin-Robbins brand,” Symonds said.

The fifth-place Ace Score in the quick-service category was a 665 score for Dairy Queen, which ran a commercial for its Orange Julius smoothies built around a hidden-camera trope popular in advertising. An actor tried to serve unsuspecting guests plastic or artificial fruit before serving them Dairy Queen’s real-fruit smoothies to make the point that the Minneapolis-based chain used only real fruit in its drinks.

Twenty-five percent of the viewers identified the product as the best part of the ad, while 19 percent said the message of the ad was the best part, which was the best performance on that metric of any commercial in Ace Metrix’s top list. The remaining responses were more evenly distributed among visuals, brand and deal, Symonds said.

“People attached themselves to the message of wanting to eat or drink artificial foods, and you see it pretty clearly in the data,” he said.

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