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Richard Berman is an NRN contributor and president of Berman and Company, a Washington-based communications firm.

Fight unionization efforts by educating your workers 
Operators need to be vigilant about union elections.
Educate yourself on what you’re really supporting 
Berman on Offense: Richard Berman on activist groups' hidden agendas
Push for alcohol detection in cars fueled by falsehoods 
Chances are you’ve heard about the movement to put alcohol detectors in all cars, but hadn’t considered it a top threat. It’s time to move it to the top of your list.

Beware of faulty minumum-wage statistics 
Rick Berman calls for operators to fight back against minimum-wage hikes.
Union problem creeps back onto industry's radar 
Unions are definitely back. In fact, they never went away.

Humane Society activists threaten operators’ rights 
With the slight uptick in the number of people adopting meat-free diets, we’ve also seen an uptick in the die-hard activism of those who aren’t interested in tolerance or middle ground. They want every steakhouse and barbeque joint to serve only tofu — or go out of business.

Anti-salt activists’ message built on shaky science 
Nutrition activists have salt in their sights.
Fight back against food police overreach 
In the first round, the food cops scored a body blow by convincing local governments across the country to ban margarine — or, if you prefer, trans fats.

Moderation matters more than mandated menus 
Richard Berman offers his take on the White House's agenda to fight obesity.
Pro-sugar studies manipulate masses in corn syrup debate 
Every day, thousands of companies like your own engage in an all-out battle for a valuable prize: other people’s business. Car companies introduce more powerful engines, restaurants dream up tastier meals, promised toothpaste results are whiter and brighter.

The truth behind marketing ploys 
Food used to be so simple. Consider all the varieties we have now: probiotic, low-carb, cholesterol-lowering, gluten-free, GMO-free, trans-fat-free, no-MSG, natural, antibiotic-free and hormone-free. There’s a boatload more, but who’s got menu space for all this?

Berman on Offense: Charities require the same scrutiny as businesses 
There are many ways crooks can steal your hard-earned dollars, but I am especially hacked...

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