The Cheesecake Factory Inc. will not likely roll out touch-screen tablets at its restaurant tables anytime soon, the company said Wednesday.

After reporting a 49-percent increase in fourth-quarter earnings, despite taking a sales hit from bad winter weather in December, Wall Street analysts asked the Calabasas Hills, Calif.-based chain if it planned to follow in the footsteps of casual-dining competitors such as Chili’s and Applebee’s, both of which this year are starting to roll out tabletop tablets that let customers order and pay with the swipe of a card.

“I doubt very much that we’re going to do tablets,” Cheesecake Factory chairman and chief executive David Overton.

“I think it’s great for Chili’s in that level, where people are coming in for one experience,” he continued. “But for us, they’re coming in for a very different experience. And I think they want to be waited on and served.”

Cheesecake Factory president David Overton said the company is going to “be very careful when it comes to technology.”

“The core of our business is wonderful hospitality and delicious, memorable food,” Gordon said. “And our strategy is to improve those two areas continually, as we have every year for 35 years.”

Gordon said he was open to technology that can add to the guest experience, which, at The Cheesecake Factory, is more likely to include simple things like text paging, which could replace the use of pagers that alert customers when their table is ready.

“But right now we don’t have a roadmap that talks specifically about adding technology for the sake of adding technology,” he said.