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At Mt. Pleasant, S.C.-based Wild Wing Cafe, music has always been part of the experience, said chief executive Bill Prather, chief executive at Wild Wing Cafe.

“It sets a whole new energy level, and it’s a daypart that our competitors don’t delve into as deeply,” Prather said. “There’s always some kind of entertainment going on at Wild Wing cafe,” including karaoke and live music. 

Wild Wing Cafe

Live music also helps Wild Wing Cafe appeal to millennials, he said, although age varies by band and music genre.

“We’re where great food rocks,” Prather said. “Music has been a part of our business since the beginning…it’s always played a part in our marketing strategy.”

At Wild Wing Cafe’s 33 restaurants, 40 percent of revenue comes from the bar, much of which is late-night sales, said spokesman Jamie Izaks in an email. When Wild Wing Cafe hosts live entertainment, late-night total sales increases by 20 percent, he said.