While Father’s Day does not spike traffic the way Mother’s Day does, it will once again be an important Sunday for the restaurant industry this year, not just as an occasion to attract families and large groups, but also as an opportunity to push gift cards.

Several studies show robust activities planned for Father’s Day on June 16. The National Retail Federation, for instance, is forecasting a 2.3-percent rise in average per-person spending for the holiday this year at $119.84, compared with $117.14 spent per person on average in 2012. The NRF projects total Father’s Day spending this year to be about $13.3 billion.

Market research firm IBISWorld is forecasting a 2.1-percent gain in total Father’s Day spending to $13.2 billion this year.

The NRF added that special outings, like a restaurant meal or sporting event, would account for $2.5 billion of that spending on Sunday. Its report also found that many consumers plan to use Father’s Day as an occasion to celebrate other men in their lives, with more than half of those surveyed indicating they would buy gifts for their fathers, as well as 29 percent for husbands, 10 percent for sons, 5 percent for grandfathers and 6 percent for brothers.

Chicago-based market research firm Technomic Inc. found that 40 percent of consumers surveyed said they would go out to eat for Father’s Day, compared with slightly more than 50 percent this year for Mother’s Day.

Technomic added that the trend of dining out for Father’s Day is projected to be more pronounced in the Hispanic community, as 56 percent of those consumers surveyed said they plan to celebrate the holiday at a restaurant.