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Black pudding

Although many chefs talk about using every part of an animal in their “snout to tail” cooking, few really use everything.

New York City-based Brad Farmerie, chef-owner of Public, Saxon + Parole and other restaurants, said that his high-end meat supplier, who sells to 5,000 restaurants, has only ever delivered blood to 12 of them, including Public and Saxon + Parole.

Farmerie demonstrated how to make blood pudding, a British dish made with pork blood; ground pork; grain (typically oatmeal or barley, though Farmerie adds rice); and aromatics such as sautéed onions and garlic. He also made boudin noir, a French blood sausage to which he added sautéed apples and cream, as well as the ingredients in the blood pudding.

The English dish was poured into loaf pains, which were put in a water bath and baked. The French dish was funneled into sausage casings and poached in water.