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Pricing for catered events can be as low as $100 for drop-off service, or $1,000 for a lavish bar mitzvah, Fellows said.

“Popologists” at the microcreamery make the bars in small batches. They items are loaded onto the truck the day before the event. Guests choose their flavor, chocolate dip — semisweet, milk or white — and toppings, including caramelized pecans or hazelnuts dusted with a little sea salt, coconut flakes, cinnamon graham cracker crumbs, roasted pistachios, finely ground Oreo cookie crumbs, crushed pretzel pieces and high-quality chocolate sprinkles.

Fellows also offers curated combinations, such as his favorite, The Godfather, pistachio gelato dipped in semisweet chocolate and encrusted with roasted pistachio pieces with sea salt. He also likes the All-American, a vanilla base with chunks of Oreo mixed in, dipped in milk chocolate and coated in Oreo crumbs.

A naked bar is around 3.5 ounces. “Fully dressed” bars with chocolate coating and toppings weigh in at around 5 ounces.

After a year and a half of fine-tuning the concept, Fellows said he is preparing to franchise.

“We made a really good living,” Fellows said. He and his wife run the business — she has built their social media following to more than 20,000 followers — and he only works 250 day a year.

“Last year we were done on Dec. 23, and we came back Jan. 3 or 4. … Money’s important, but aside from that, work-life balance is important, and typically that doesn’t happen in foodservice.

“We can park the truck and take time off whenever we want,” he said.

Popologists work 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. days, and everyone gets Sunday off.

“I’m an entrepreneur, but I recognize the need for balance, and my business model offers that,” he said.

Correction: Feb. 3, 2014  The name of HipPOPs’ founder, Anthony Fellows, was incorrectly stated in some places in a previous version of this story due to an editing error.

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