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86 the chicken: Restaurants are taking the risk of removing ever-popular chicken from the menu and offering less conventional proteins, such as catfish, pork belly and goat.

New-fangled Cobb salads: Moving away from Caesar salads, restaurants are offering updated Cobbs, with personal touches such as fried avocados or jerk chicken.

Haute homey: Upgraded comfort food, such as the modern pierogies at Bluestem Brasserie in San Francisco and peanut butter panna cotta at 1760 in San Francisco, is becoming more popular.

“Mutant morsels”: Unusual combinations — such as the ramen burger that went viral after being introduced at the Smorgasburg food market in Brooklyn, N.Y., or the dessert pizza with Nutella, marshmallows and macadamia nuts at Scala’s Bistro in San Francisco — are striking chords with customers.

Ice cream sandwiches: Freeman predicted that we’ll see more of these portable desserts, particularly from food trucks and pop-up restaurants.

Nontraditional chips: Instead of tortilla chips, potato chips or crostini, Freeman predicted we’ll see more items such as the beef tendon chips at the Hi-Lo BBQ in San Francisco.

Sea-to-table: “We’re sort of thinking next year is going to see this whole sea-to-table movement,” Freeman said, noting that chefs are experimenting with less common seafood, such as octopus and monkfish liver.