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Based in Golden, Colo., Modmarket is a fast-casual restaurant offering simple, whole ingredients — locally grown or organic, when possible, and all freshly cooked in house. The first restaurant opened in Boulder in 2009, followed by three others, all in Colorado.

Anthony Pigliacampo, co-chief executive, and Rob McColgan, his business partner, expect to reach seven units this year with another six restaurants planned for 2014.

Each store is averaging more than $2 million in sales per year with an $11-per-person check average.

The brand boasts a focus on health that doesn’t chase trendy buzzwords. “We wanted to create food you could eat every day,” Pigliacampo notes. “You could probably find places with lower-calorie dishes, but my feeling was most people wanted to eat food that tasted really good and might actually make them better off.”