Everything that goes wrong when you open a restaurant (Thrillist)
To open a restaurant, you have to be a crazy person. Insanity’s required because it’s brutally expensive, shamefully public and usually follows years of slavish devotion to simply getting the dream off the ground. Thrillist talked to restaurant owners, operators and chefs across the country about the staggering number and variety of landmines lying in wait for anyone wanting to take the plunge — and got some advice about dealing with them.

—Ron Ruggless

Photo-ready foods might not account for taste (The New York Times)
While the trend of consumers sharing photos of their restaurant meals has been a boon to brands’ marketing on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, it also carries the risk of kitchens turning out bland food more suitable for a picture but not for guests’ palates. New York Times dining critic Pete Wells examines the preponderance of “camera cuisine.”

—Mark Brandau

Target Field uncaps self-serve beer station (Star Tribune)
At the Minnesota Twins’ Target Field, customers can pour their own suds with self-serve beer vending machines.

—Lisa Jennings

National Geographic to debut food shows (Eater)
In the latest indication of the United States' fascination with all things comestible, the National Geographic Channel plans to air three television shows related to food and drink this year.

—Bret Thorn