California repeals glove law (Los Angeles Times)
California has repealed its strict glove requirement for handling food. Now the health code urges minimal bare-handed contact.

—Lisa Jennings

Amazon gets into restaurant delivery game (TechCrunch)
Online retail giant Amazon quietly began testing a restaurant delivery function to its Amazon Local service, which, like Groupon or LivingSocial, offers coupons and deals from local merchants. The delivery service could rival established players like GrubHub or Seamless and likely will roll out first in Seattle and spread gradually from there.

—Mark Brandau

Butter makes a comeback as consumers change thinking (The Wall Street Journal)
Changing views of nutrition are turning butter into one of the great comeback stories in U.S. food history. Americans this year are expected to eat an average of 5.6 pounds of butter, according to U.S. government data—nearly 22.5 sticks for every man, woman and child. That translates to 892,000 total tons of butter consumed nationwide, an amount not seen since World War II. Butter's shifting fortunes also reflect the vicissitudes of thinking on healthy eating. Families for decades opted for vegetable spreads because of concerns about butter's high concentration of saturated fat, only to be told more recently that the trans fats traditionally contained in margarine are just as unhealthy.

—Ron Ruggless

Apple cocktails and brandies are back (Daily Details/Details)
Today's new apple-flavored drinks won't leave a sickly-sweet taste in your mouth.

—Marcella Veneziale