The name of this dessert means “breakfast” in French, and it plays on French toast. Made with quinoa, it also taps into the gluten-free trend.

Pastry chef Monica Glass starts by toasting quinoa and grinding it into flour in a food mill. She cooks the quinoa flour with milk, maple sugar and maple syrup, removes it from the heat, and adds egg yolks, like a soufflé or pate à choux base. Then she folds beaten egg whites into the mixture and bakes it.

After it has baked, she cuts the dessert into squares, sprinkles it with a mixture of sugar and salt, and deep-fries it.

Glass plates the dessert with red kuri squash prepared three ways: candied in a syrup flavored with a Persian ingredient called loomi, a dried, fermented lime; sliced in strips and pickled in rice wine vinegar cooked with water, sugar, vanilla, lemon zest, star anise and cassia buds; and cooked into a jam with sugar and vanilla finished with rice wine vinegar.

A tea ice cream accompanies the dessert. The ice cream is made by infusing loose-leaf tea in an ice cream base and spinning it in an ice cream maker.

The dish is priced at $13.

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