Meet the whiz kids running Burger King (Bloomberg Businessweek)
The cover story for the current issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, “Burger King is Run by Children,” profiles Daniel Schwartz, the 33-year-old chief executive of the world’s second-largest burger brand, marveling how he and other fresh-faced executives barely a decade removed from college can lead such an established company. The article offers a look at Burger King’s “ferocious approach to cost cutting” under Schwartz.

—Mark Brandau

Michel Richard’s Vegas restaurant files for bankruptcy protection (Eater Vegas)
Washington, D.C.-based French chef Michel Richard’s 24-hour Caesars Palace restaurant, Central Michel Richard, in Las Vegas, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Bistro Central LV LLC opened the 10,000-square-foot restaurant in late 2011 with an outdoor patio and a bar facing the Caesars Palace check-in desk.
—Ron Ruggless

The people who know what you're going to want to eat before you do (Vox)
Food trend spotters anticipate what people will be eating and how foods and flavors will work their way through the market.

—Lisa Jennings

Northeast Ohio chefs examine Cleveland cuisine (
It can be a challenge for multiunit operators to understand all of the country's regional gastronomic idiosyncrasies. This story helps provide insight into what's distinctive about the Cleveland market.

—Bret Thorn