Meet Taco Bell's 'resident disruptor' (The Atlantic)
Jeff Jenkins is the man behind the chain’s mobile initiative and the soon-to-open U.S. Taco Co. and Urban Taproom.

—Lisa Jennings

Food trucks cleaner than brick-and-mortar restaurants, study finds (KSHB, Kansas City)
Food trucks may be the safer option, according to new research from a public law interest firm, Institute for Justice. The group said 260,000 food trucks were inspected in seven U.S cities, including Boston; Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Louisville, Ky.; Miami; Seattle; and Washington, D.C. Every food truck, according to the study, had fewer violations on average than restaurants, except Seattle, which tied.

—Ron Ruggless

Quiznos closing downtown Denver 'Qube' unit (Denver Business Journal)
Quiznos has closed its test kitchen restaurant in preparation for its move to a new headquarters.

—Lisa Jennings

Middle East chain continues U.S. expansion in Texas (Gulf Business)
Just Falafel, a 46-unit brand based in the United Arab Emirates, has struck a deal with 1st Ventures LLC for 10 franchised locations to open in the state of Texas, adding to the brand’s previous plans to expand to the United States in California, Kentucky, New York and New Jersey. Later this month, Just Falafel will open its first U.S. unit, in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as its first location in Canada. The brand, which started in 2007, is targeting 160 North American locations over the next five years. It currently has agreements to develop 720 restaurants in 18 countries.

—Mark Brandau