Impressions count for a lot, or so it would seem among the biggest movers in the NRN Social 200 index for the week beginning Thursday, April 3, and ending at the close of business on Wednesday, April 9.

Logan’s Roadhouse drove the study’s largest increase in its index score for the seven-day period because it led all brands in impression ratio. Jack in the Box lost ground in its index score because its impression ratio dragged down an otherwise solid performance in two other key engagement metrics.

NRN Social 200: Red Lobster's focus on social media marketing pays off
Introducing the new NRN Social 200
The NRN Social 200 Index

To keep track of which social media content strategies are having an effect for the largest restaurant brands in the industry, NRN will examine the largest seven-day gains and declines in Social 200 index scores through the close of business of every Wednesday. To ensure that the percentage changes happen off a large enough base to be significant, brands with index scores of 500 or higher out of a possible 1,000 will be considered for the weekly rankings.

Nation’s Restaurant News reintroduced its Social 200 platform in early April to index the social media effectiveness of the restaurant industry’s largest brands on a daily basis. The tool tracks, quantifies and ranks the social relationships between consumers and the restaurant brands included in NRN’s Top 200 census based on U.S. systemwide sales.

Social analytics provider Sprinklr compiles and analyzes the data for the NRN Social 200.

The Social 200 platform’s analysis will include restaurant brands’ owned impressions resulting from its posts across established social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as newer ones like Instagram. It also will quantify earned impressions derived from fan interactions on those platforms, and the negative and positive sentiments within those fan actions can be measured as well.

Largest weekly gains

Logan’s Roadhouse
Weekly increase: +39.72%
Overall score: 564

Red Robin
Weekly increase: +39.38%
Overall score: 513

Taco John’s
Weekly increase: +35.49%
Overall score: 510

Caribou Coffee
Weekly increase: +33.21%
Overall score: 564

Godfather’s Pizza
Weekly increase: +27.82%
Overall score: 564

Logan’s Roadhouse’s gain of nearly 40 percent in its overall score to 564 the past seven days was due in large part to the Nashville, Tenn.-based chain having the No. 1 overall impression ratio in the Social 200. The impression ratio measures how much awareness a brand generates through its owned impressions resulting from brand posts, plus the number of earned impressions coming from fans and followers interacting with that brand. Those numbers are normalized for audience size so that brands with very small bases of fans and followers, like Logan’s Roadhouse, can be compared accurately with larger brands with millions of fans and followers.

During the week ended April 9, Logan’s most-engaged content on Facebook and Twitter were two mirrored posts posing a question to fans that got more of them talking: “It’s National Beer Day — what’s your brew of choice?”

Over the past 30 days, Sprinklr found, Logan’s Roadhouse has more than doubled its active audience to 4,300 people who regularly interact with the brand, an increase of 144.4 percent. That active audience represents 1.8 percent of its total audience of approximately 234,000 people, the vast majority of which come from the brand’s approximately 233,000 Facebook likes.

Largest weekly losses

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Jack in the Box
Weekly decrease: -14.67%
Overall score: 811

Uno Chicago Grill
Weekly decrease: -12.37%
Overall score: 695

Buffalo Wild Wings
Weekly decrease: -10.89%
Overall score: 790

Chuck E. Cheese’s
Weekly decrease: -9.89%
Overall score: 556

Raising Cane’s
Weekly decrease: -9.06%
Overall score: 563

San Diego-based Jack in the Box derives the vast majority of its audience from its nearly 1 million Facebook likes, compared with slightly less than 50,000 Twitter followers. So in the past week, when Jack in the Box’s activity on Facebook declined 13 percent, to 45 brand posts, the chain’s total impressions on the social network decreased 6 percent, to 1.18 million.

Jack in the Box’s Facebook activity dipped during the week

Unsurprisingly, Sprinklr calculated a decrease in Jack in the Box’s owned impressions — which would naturally follow less activity originating from the brand — of 50 percent, down to 265,500 impressions. However, while the brand had fewer posts, fans found them engaging, as Jack in the Box’s earned impressions rose 26 percent to 915,600 impressions.

This was reflected in the three main ratios that go into calculating brands’ overall scores in the Social 200. While Jack in the Box had the No. 21 engagement ratio and the No. 10 content engagement ratio, meaning those who saw the brand’s content still engaged with it by liking or retweeting it, the brand’s impression ratio was only No. 81 in the study.

Perhaps Jack in the Box was a victim of its own Facebook success, having to lap over an extremely successful Facebook post from the week before. On April 2, the brand received nearly 17,400 likes, nearly 570 shares and nearly 570 comments for a post touting its croissant breakfast sandwiches served all day. It read, “While Taco Bell + McDonald’s fight over who’s king of breakfast before 11 a.m., I’ll be serving my breakfast all day.” The measurement period began the next day for these rankings, and no Facebook post for Jack in the Box during the period received as many as 3,000 likes.

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