Jack in the Box led the restaurant industry in gains to its NRN Social 200 index score during the week that ended Wednesday, April 16, largely on the strength of a new video that drove engagement on Facebook and YouTube.

Watch Jack in the Box's company picnic

Jack Vid

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The NRN Social 200 Index

To keep track of social media content strategies that are having an effect for the largest restaurant brands in the industry, NRN will examine the largest seven-day gains and declines in Social 200 index scores through the close of business of every Wednesday. To ensure that the percentage changes happen off a large enough base to be significant, brands with index scores of 500 or higher out of a possible 1,000 will be considered for the weekly rankings.

Nation’s Restaurant News reintroduced its Social 200 platform in early April to index the social media effectiveness of the restaurant industry’s largest brands on a daily basis. The tool tracks, quantifies and ranks the social relationships between consumers and the restaurant brands included in NRN’s Top 200 census based on U.S. systemwide sales.

Social analytics provider Sprinklr compiles and analyzes the data for the NRN Social 200.

The Social 200 platform’s analysis will include restaurant brands’ owned impressions resulting from their posts across established social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as newer ones like Instagram. It also will quantify earned impressions derived from fan interactions on those platforms, and the negative and positive sentiments within those fan actions can be measured as well.

Largest weekly gains

Jack in the Box
Weekly increase: +38.88%
Overall score: 517

LaRosa’s Pizzeria
Weekly increase: +35.60%
Overall score: 500

Papa Gino’s
Weekly increase: +33.80%
Overall score: 503

Weekly increase: +31.67%
Overall score: 622

Weekly increase: +31.53%
Overall score: 517

Jack in the Box rebounded from a nearly 15-percent loss in its overall score the preceding week to increase its overall score 38.9 percent, to 517.

Jack in the Box increased its output on Facebook by 24 percent, to 62 brand posts, during the seven-day period. Although the brand posted half as many tweets during the week as it did the week prior, the @mentions its tweets received rose 6 percent during the period.

Connecting through video

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The most fan actions the San Diego-based chain received across several social platforms was for the video it debuted Monday on Facebook and YouTube. The 30-second commercial, which promotes the Blazin’ Chicken Sandwich, with a tagline of “not suitable for wimps,” or “NSFW,” received nearly 400 Facebook shares.

The video, called “Company Picnic,” was Jack in the Box’s first upload to YouTube in more than three weeks, driving large spikes in the chain’s engagement on the video sharing platform. Video views on Jack in the Box’s channel increased 144 percent during the period.

Largest weekly losses

Logan’s Roadhouse
Weekly decrease: -20.73%
Overall score: 656

Weekly decrease: -9.43%
Overall score: 530

Waffle House
Weekly decrease: -9.19%
Overall score: 860

Sonic Drive-in
Weekly decrease: -8.64%
Overall score: 671

Cold Stone Creamery
Weekly decrease: -8.39%
Overall score: 751

After having the No. 1 impression score the prior week, Logan’s Roadhouse saw that metric moderate to the top of the second quartile of rankings, at No. 54.

Bojangles' most engaging Facebook post was a picture to celebrate the running of the Bojangles’ Southern 500 race on April 12.

The impression score measures the exposure brands gained by combining owned impressions and earned impressions, the latter of which are counted when a social media follower spreads the brand’s content to their networks via a Facebook share, retweet or similar action. The number of total impressions is then divided by the brand’s potential impressions that could be projected, given the size of the brand’s audience and how many of those audience members have large networks of their own.

For Bojangles’, an impression ratio of more than 2.5 — implying that the quick-service brand was able to get its social content seen by an audience more than twice as large as its audience size might predict — was good enough for the 26th highest ranking on impression ratio.

However, Bojangles’ underperformed on the other two major metrics, engagement ratio and content engagement ratio. The brand’s engagement ratio, or the percentage of fans and followers that actively engage with the brand’s content, ranked No. 114 out of 200 brand rankings. Bojangles’ ranked No. 151 out of 200 in terms of content engagement ratio, which measures the average number of fan actions per post divided by the brand’s audience.

The brand’s most engaging Facebook post for the week was a picture to celebrate the running of the Bojangles’ Southern 500 race on April 12.

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