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McDonald’s Egg White Delight McMuffin

Continuing its campaign to prove that it has healthful menu items, McDonald’s launched on April 22 this egg-white-only version of its Egg McMuffin, which is priced the same but with 50 fewer calories. The company promoted the sandwich’s debut with a publicity event at which Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas sang its praises.

McDonald’s new Quarter Pounders

The quick-service burger giant debuted in June three new versions of its signature Quarter Pounder as replacements for the Angus Third Pounder, which it discontinued.

The new flavors are Deluxe, Habanero Ranch, and Bacon and Cheese. All three sandwiches are served on buns with more whole grain than the original quarter pounder. They are priced starting at $3.99.

KFC’s Original Recipe Boneless chicken

In April, KFC rolled out a new line of boneless chicken at its 4,618 domestic units, targeting Millennials who, according to research by parent company Yum Brands, prefer boneless chicken to the bone-in version. Franchisee support for the item has reportedly been very good.