Sweet gold pineapples, juicy melons, plump red tomatoes. These are just some of the rainbow of fresh cut fruits and vegetables that are increasingly showing up on restaurant menus. Driven by consumers’ desire to have healthier options while eating out, operators are using fresh cut fruits and vegetables as side dishes and in recipes. Fresh cut fruits are being served as is, used in parfaits and smoothies and scooped on top of pancakes and French toast, while fresh cut vegetables are showing up in salads, wild rice, stir fry, and served as is with dip.

But it’s not easy making sure customers get the freshest product. In fact, the inability to ensure freshness all the time and the short shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables once prevented many large operators from adding them to their menu. Fortunately, today’s best suppliers have come up with some effective solutions to these problems. These experts now offer an array of delicious fruits and veggies that are pre-cut, conveniently packed and ready to serve. Restaurant operators are finding that they not only provide a consistently delicious product, but they also meet their top concerns by saving valuable time in the kitchen and better ensuring food safety. So cut the other solutions loose. By adding fresh cut pineapples, strawberries, carrots, tomatoes or other popular produce to your menu as a side or in your recipes, you’ll give your customers healthy options that are a cut above the rest.