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4. Chick-fil-A
Weekly percent change: +10.2%
Index score: 44.62

While nearly 30 points of Chick-fil-A’s Social 200 index value of 44.62 come from its Facebook component, the brand’s Twitter component contributes about another 12 points, making Chick-fil-A the most active brand on Twitter among the third week of August’s top gainers. The brand’s tweets largely mirror the content of its Facebook posts and routinely inspire dozens of retweets, favorites and responses, though there was no discernable spike in engagement for any one tweet during the week.

On Facebook, however, Chick-fil-A received several times its typical volume of likes, comments and shares for an Aug. 14 post asking, “Which side are you on: pickles or no pickles?”

5. Noodles & Company
Weekly percent change: +9.5%
Index score: 11.25

Fast-casual chain Noodles & Company’s Social 200 index score gets more of an even spread among the three major platforms, with Facebook contributing 5.56 points, followed by YouTube with 3.05 points and Twitter with 2.64 points. The brand’s high volume of posts on Twitter mostly involve responding to customer complaints or questions, and Noodles’ last YouTube post was a video from NRN’s MenuMasters Awards celebration posted in June.

The brand posts several kinds of content on Facebook, from slick food shots to fan-submitted photos. Noodles’ most-engaging Facebook post of the week was a picture of a billboard from its new branding campaign launched this year, and the post received nearly 650 likes.

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