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4. Noodles & Company
Weekly percent change: +11.5%
Index score: 11.85

Noodles & Company

As it did the week before, Noodles & Company drove a large gain in its NRN Social 200 index score with steady Facebook posting, usually of professional food photography for its menu items. During the fourth week of August, the picture of its Steak and Egg Noodles in Sherry Cream Sauce proved most popular, with 274 likes and 16 shares. A photo of the Garden Pesto Saute also received more than 100 likes, as did a restaurant interior shot to tout free Wi-Fi in many Noodles locations.

5. Caribou Coffee
Weekly percent change: +10.2%
Index score: 17.01

Caribou Coffee

Coffeehouse chain Caribou Coffee spent the fourth week of August gearing up for pumpkin season and getting its fans excited for popular limited-time offers built around the fall flavor. The cohesive campaign played out on Facebook and Twitter, which both contribute heavily to Caribou’s overall score. A photo of Caribou’s pumpkin lineup on Aug. 18 teasing the return of the flavor caused a spike in engagement across both platforms, earning nearly 3,500 Facebook likes and nearly 540 shares, as well as more than 100 retweets and more than 60 favorites. The brand also brought about even more engagement in some text-only posts and tweets, such as the tweet, “Pumpkin is back,” which received more than 175 retweets and more than 100 favorites. A “Like if you’re glad pumpkin is back” Facebook post drove more than 4,400 likes and more than 125 comments without a picture.

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