POS devices are everywhere, and they frequently represent mission critical devices because of how tightly integrated they are with an organization’s line of business. This analysis looks at why quality should be at the top of the list whenever making a POS buying decision, because quality is what provides the durability and resilience that translates into years of trouble-free use—and hence a lower total cost of ownership.

Here, we look at how one company, Posiflex, designs—and builds—its own devices to ensure quality is at the foundation of all of its wide range of touch screen terminals and peripherals for hospitality, retail and health care markets.

The company takes pride in talking about its quality, but the best testimonies come from Posiflex customers—even after surviving terrible disasters. Here is one company’s account of how the POS terminals survived Hurricane Sandy—after being left outside at a beach bar.

Surviving Hurricane Sandy

Superstorm Sandy in 2012 ripped through the eastern seaboard with winds up to 115 mph, causing untold misery and $75 billion in damage.

Even before the hurricane struck, Anthony Bennett, General Manager of La Costa Lounge and Deck Bar in Sea Isle City, NJ, was impressed with the durability of the 14 Posiflex terminals operating in La Costa’s three venues. Two terminals are used in an outdoor, beachside bar, just 100 yards from the ocean, constantly under attack from sun, salt, spray, and regular dousing from spilt drinks in this place popular with college kids on Spring Break.

And then Hurricane Sandy Struck. The two outside Posiflex terminals were left on the beach to face the storm and surge head-on. It was three days before Bennett and crew were allowed to return to the heavily hit area. He wiped the terminals down with Windex, and then turned them on. He was amazed. They started up and are still running.

“Posiflex just chugs along—all day, every day—under constant use,” Bennett says. “Terminal reliability is just astonishing. Anything that can survive Hurricane Sandy, and Spring Break just a few months after, has the success of my business in mind.”

Built with Quality: Because Every Environment Has Its Own Storms

Just about every environment has its own storms—from spilled coffee, to recurring showers of spilled bar drinks, to kitchen grease, blazing sun, careless cashiers, near continuous use, or wilting humidity. A POS system that is designed and built for durability will give you the longest life and the trouble-free operation that provides operational and cost benefits that translate into lower cost of ownership.

This is why when considering the price of a POS device, it is good to consider total cost of ownership (TCO), and not the initial purchase price. When looking at TCO, you often find that what is cheap to buy, soon becomes expensive to own. With TCO, the durability and reliability of a POS terminal, such as Posiflex’s, comes shining through as the greatest value.