Whenever making a POS buying decision, and considering what type of hardware to use for your POS system, it would be wise to review a company’s product track record, especially in regards to reliability. Your POS is only as good as the equipment running it. If your system goes down due to unforeseen circumstances – from a simple coffee spill to a major disaster – you would want a durable POS terminal that can withstand the elements, so you can protect your critical data that runs your business.

Here, we look at a POS terminal built by Posiflex that was partially melted in a restaurant fire, but continued working, showing true reliability under extreme conditions.

Rising from the (Water-Soaked) Ashes

The Italian fine dining establishment Caracalla Ristorante, in Syosset (Long Island), New York, was engulfed in flames shortly after midnight on July 7, 2012. 150 responders from ten fire and ambulance departments rushed to the blaze, which injured four firefighters and took more than two hours to put out.

Afterwards, a wirelessly-configured Posiflex point-of-sale touch screen terminal was unburied from the smoldering and water-saturated rubble where a hostess wait station once stood. The terminal was covered with soot, ash, fire retardant, dirt and building materials. The terminal’s base and bezel were melted, as was the power cord. Fil DeStefano, President of Authoretec Solutions, who had sold the terminals to Caracalla, arrived soon after the fire. On a whim, he replaced the fire-damaged power cord and turned the terminal on. The familiar soft blue glow of the Posiflex logo appeared, and the system booted up. DeStefano, looked up in amazement as he proceeded to enter several orders with no problem.

“For years, I have relied on Posiflex’s high performance, adaptability and durability, but never in my wildest imagination would I have bet that anything electronic could have survived a fire of this intensity,” DeStefano says. “The terminal was only 8 feet away from the fire’s origin!”

Pulled from the water-soaked ashes, the Posiflex terminal, with melted case and cord, fired right up and accepted orders after a new cord was plugged in.

Built for the Long Term

Even if you don’t anticipate a devastating fire, the Posiflex quality and durability that allowed its POS terminal to survive should still matter, because that kind of reliability makes your life easier.

Nearly every environment has its own storms—from spilled coffee, to recurring showers of spilled bar drinks, to kitchen grease, blazing sun, careless cashiers, near continuous use, or wilting humidity. A POS system that is designed and built for durability will give you the longest life and the trouble-free operation that provides operational and cost benefits that translate into lower cost of ownership.

The Importance of TCO

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) has long been established as the yardstick organizations should use when making an IT—or just about any other—purchase. You want to determine what the cost of ownership is, rather than the cost of purchase.

The cost of purchase is a natural enough starting point for TCO, but you must then calculate the cost of maintenance and repairs, as well as the secondary cost of lost productivity and disruption that comes should a POS go down.

Looking at post-sale service, you can detect expensive loopholes and shortcomings from others by asking:

  • Does the warranty cover service and parts?
  • Does the warranty include person-to-person contact?
  • What’s the turnaround time for repair or replacement?
  • Can you get overnight delivery?
  • How long is the warranty?
  • Is there remote management capability?
  • Can you install and support a national deployment?

When looking at TCO, you often find that what is cheap to buy, soon becomes expensive to own. With TCO, the durability and reliability of Posiflex, with its purpose-built design and highly crafted manufacturing, comes shining through as the greatest value.

This is why so much of Posiflex’s business is return customers, as they come back again and again, continuing to use the Posiflex’s high-quality solutions as they grow their business or decide after a decade to deploy the newest line of products.