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What were some of the challenges with this website rollout?

One of the biggest challenges was content management, which includes content filtering — for lack of a better term. The entire site is built on a very sophisticated and flexible content management system.

We have designated administrators, so as quickly as they are alerted that new content is available for preview, it can be approved and posted almost immediately. Effectively, it’s a requisition process. When new user-generated content does get submitted, we have a quick and easy and speedy approval.

Where does that administrator reside in the corporate structure?

These online content administrators reside in the marketing side and are part of our marketing team, as well as our public relations group.

What is the most robust part of the site?

The user-generated content was a big step forward for us. If you look at our old web presence, there wasn’t much, if any, real-time integration. That was a big step forward for us.

The adaptive response programming was a big step forward for us technology-wise. We’re not constantly updating a mobile version and a web version and then the tablet. Now Wingstop.com has the same great look and feel across any device.

In the month since the website went live, have you noticed any trends?

Our app orders have increased. What you see from a search-engine optimization standpoint is that it’s much easier to navigate directly to the app, especially on the mobile phones. It’s a much quicker and easier path to get to the app. The awareness of the app has increased.

What advice do you have for others considering redoing their websites?

It’s about the guest experience online and not as much about what we think the guest experience should be. It needs to be very simple. We have to make it quick.

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