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What are some benefits of a cloud-based system?

If you are a manager, you can pull up a report on your iPhone for your restaurants to look at their forecasts, their labor and all the key metrics of the business.

What’s the result?

It really has tightened up our ability to manage the clock and get much more efficient with our employees and, frankly, much more compliant from a labor-law compliance.

The rollout began in early August, with 33 restaurants the first week. What’s the plan after that?

We are rolling to 15 or 20 stores per week. We will be completely rolled to the entire chain by Nov. 1.

What are you most excited about in the package?

First off, it gives our operators and makes their jobs easier. They’ve been writing schedules on Excel spreadsheets. Our above-store managers didn’t have good data. It makes it easier for our employees. It makes it easier for your managers. We’re seeing in both beta and other clients that there’s some good financial return from it. For the first time in the brand’s 22-year history we have an actual-to-theoretical from a food-management perspective. Some of the things that we thought we had a good control we found maybe it wasn’t as good as we thought.

Any specific findings in that area?

Bacon is a great example. We’re in our prime bacon season, featuring our BBLT [Bacon-Bacon-Local-Tomato sandwich], which we’re known for. It has six slices of thick-cut apple-wood bacon and local tomatoes. We’re using a lot of that product, and it’s very costly. We have always have seen a spike in food costs during the BBLT promotion. When you have this actual-to-theoretical and see how much is going to waste and how much is missing, we can get control of that and smooth that cost-of-sales trend out during this period. It runs from the beginning of July through the end of September.

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