“I’ve always liked lemon and breadcrumbs and cauliflower,” chef Jarrett Appell says. “It’s kind of a Sicilian thing.”

Those ingredients inspired this white pizza, named for the Italian word for cauliflower.

Appell starts by seasoning cauliflower of different colors with salt, pepper and olive oil, and roasting the vegetables in a wood-burning oven.

Next, he steeps white cauliflower in heavy cream seasoned with salt, slowly bringing it to a light simmer. When the vegetable is just tender he purées it with a little of the cream if necessary.

He spreads the puréed cauliflower on Neapolitan pizza dough and adds cracked black pepper, the roasted cauliflower and thin slices of Meyer lemon. He cooks the pizza and garnishes it with breadcrumbs.

The pizza is priced at $17.

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