Joe Kefauver

Managing Partner,
Parquet Public Affairs

Joe Kefauver is managing partner of Parquet Public Affairs, an issue management, communications, government relations and reputation assurance firm that specializes in service sector industries. For more information, go to

Opinion: The national dialogue around Fight for $15
How the $15 per hour wage movement reached its ‘tipping point’
Sustainable scheduling issues may hit restaurant industry 2
“Fair work week” efforts a problem for retail, soon a problem for restaurants
Opinion: Weighing the impact of Walmart’s wage increase
The upward pressure of Walmart’s action will be felt by operators large and small, particularly in the restaurant industry
Opinion: The worth of words 
Restaurant owners have some very powerful words at their disposal
Opinion: The minimum wage conversation needs to change  2
The industry continues to find itself on the short end of this conversation
Opinion: Republican mid-term victory could mean greater challenge in 2016 
The Republicans would be even better off had there been a few moderate Democrats left for them to deal with
Changes in scheduling practices could undermine franchise model 
"Fair Workweek Initiative" could be a beachhead to unionization of restaurant, retail industries
Restaurants and the sharing economy  1
Uber and Airbnb paved the way for apps that could dramatically impact foodservice
Piketty's 'Capital' could change policy playing field 
A look at the best-selling book and how it could shape future economic debate
Image issues prompt rebranding at unions 
Big Labor is calling attention to the positive in new television ads
Restaurants can expect more lawsuits 
Union-backed class-action suits can hurt reputations, spur costly changes
U.S. grasp on business basics continues to wane 
Examining the growing influence of the social justice narrative
Politics of inequality to challenge restaurants in 2014 
Joe Kefauver discusses how the national conversation on the income gap will impact restaurants.
Fast Food Forward protest in New York
Labor activists focusing on restaurant franchise model 
Joe Kefauver shares his thoughts on the latest tactics by unions and worker centers.
Joe Kefauver
Jobs to lose out in battle of Capitol Hill 
Policy expert Joe Kefauver shares his thoughts on the government shutdown

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