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Richard Berman is an NRN contributor and president of Berman and Company, a Washington-based communications firm.

The importance of standing up to activists 
Attacks on the soda industry demonstrate why businesses must defend themselves early
Restaurants should look to airline industry playbook to battle activists  1
A little solidarity among restaurants could go a long way
Combat activists with their own game plan and get involved 
Some activists demand action now — before conclusive evidence is in
Opinion: Worker centers serve big labor, not employees  1
Unlike labor unions, these new models of labor activism don’t have regulations on length of picketing or filing spending reports
Opinion: Business community needs to step up on minimum wage  1
Last year’s minimum wage campaign was always about more than just raising the minimum wage
Opinion: Stopping the export of Proposition 65 
The proposition requires businesses that serve Californians to warn consumers of any possible exposure to one of nearly 800 chemicals
Minimum wage debate: New location, old arguments  1
The bad arguments being used in favor of a wage hike are still the same
Opinion: Restaurants need modern solutions to modern issues 
Old concerns pale in comparison to the threat of the new crusades against the industry
Opinion: Giving in to activists creates more headaches  2
Playing nice can put a target on your back for future attacks
Opinion: Food activists don't care about restaurants' bottom lines 
Consumers still hesitant to pay more for organic foods
Public catching on to fast-food strikes 
Richard Berman shares his thoughts on public perception of recent QSR strikes
Animal rights groups seek more concessions 
Richard Berman shares his views on egg standards and other changes the organizations support
Communicating effectively with consumers on GMOs 
The food industry should consider rebranding genetically modified organisms
2011 sick leave protest outside Connecticut IHOP
Paid sick leave: Another front in labor's battle 
Union activists are turning attention to mandated paid sick leave
Restaurant unions: The self-serving truth 
SEIU set to profit from minimum wage hike

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