Fish tacos are a landmark dish in San Diego, and chef Trey Foshee wanted to celebrate that heritage with this menu item.

“I wrote a list of all the ingredients and flavors of a traditional Baja-style fish taco, then reworked the ingredients to give a similar effect in a different presentation and format,” Foshee said.

First, he pounds raw tuna thinly, like carpaccio, and cuts it into circles. Next, he chops the tuna trimmings and mixes them with cabbage and a mayonnaise flavored with jalapeños and lime. He places the mixture on the circles, folds them into a taco shape and rolls them in crushed corn nuts.

Foshee serves three tacos next to three beer-battered, deep-fried avocado wedges and garnishes the plate with lime segments, radishes, cilantro and drops of jalapeño-lime mayonnaise.

The dish is priced at $16.

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