Restaurant photo policies change as more diners taste with eyes first (CBS News)
As more diners post pictures of restaurant dishes to Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, chefs and owners have decided to become part of the movement, even lifting earlier bans on use of smartphones in dining rooms.  And some chefs admit to using the photos as sources of their own inspiration.

—Ron Ruggless

Chefs chart a course to seafood expertise (The Wall Street Journal)
As restaurants and their guests concern themselves more and more with the source of their seafood, chefs have taken to the surf and the open water to teach themselves to fish, in the hopes of feeding their careers for a lifetime.

—Mark Brandau

With cupcakes in decline, is frozen yogurt next to fall? (Corporate Intelligence/The Wall Street Journal)
The president of Carvel Corp. says the chain decided to skip frozen yogurt to go all in on ice cream.

—Marcella Veneziale

Nation enjoys the rapid spread of guacamole (Houston Chronicle)
Why do Americans love guacamole? It has a lot to do with shifts in import policy.

—Lisa Jennings