Consumers are embracing Instagram as a way to engage with and share enthusiasm for big foodservice brands, and Starbucks is leading the pack among them, according to recent data from monitoring platform MomentFeed.

Santa Monica, Calif.-based MomentFeed recently released its second quarterly MomentFeed Index Restaurant Instagram Report, which tracked activity on the Instagram platform for 65 restaurant brands during the second quarter ended June 30. The report counts photos taken by consumers that are tagged to a specific restaurant location and not the brand’s company Instagram account.  

Starbucks had the most total photos by far, with 109,054 shots taken and tagged by consumers across its coffeehouse units during the quarter. The Cheesecake Factory followed with 27,880 photos, and Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar came next with 19,197 images.

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For average number of photographs per location, which balances out larger operators like Starbucks with less populated brands, 18-unit Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville came in first with 249.7 photos per restaurant, followed by Hard Rock Café with 182.4 images per unit and Dave & Buster’s with 159.8 shots per location.

Kyle Collins, director of marketing for the Orlando, Fla.-based Margaritaville Hospitality Group, credited the brand’s high engagement numbers with the attention it gives to customers’ Instagram posts. “We’re trying to be extremely responsive to the Instagram activity,” he said in an interview.

He noted that Margaritaville’s approach is less to push photographs out on the Instagram platform than to respond to what customers are doing. “We’re trying to amplify what they’re doing on the Instagram platform. We’re not trying to change their behavior,” he said. “We’re thanking them for coming in. We’re talking to them about their experience: ‘How was everything?’ We tell them we hope to see them soon. It’s straight-up, hand-to-hand client engagement.”

As of August, about 130 million monthly active Instagram users post 45 million photos per day, according to MomentFeed.