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Some chains take “pregame” to mean the week leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII, like Subway, the Milford, Ct.-based sandwich giant that had an in-game commercial run in 2013.

This year, Subway’s Super Bowl play will be a sponsorship of ESPN Radio for the week before Super Bowl Sunday, according to a report in MediaPost. Guests who appear on the shows “Mike & Mike” or “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” can enjoy the brand’s sandwiches in the green room before they go on air. Subway will once again partner with digital agency Giphy to leverage the firm’s PhotoBooth technology to turn footage of guests in the green room into animated GIFs popular for sharing on Twitter and Tumblr.

Another quick-service chain, KFC, decided to produce a pregame commercial for the Super Bowl, but only as a result of a successful social media campaign. A video promoting KFC’s new hash tag, “#HowDoYouKFC,” starring motocross star Bryce Hudson executing a backflip on his motorcycle while eating a piece of Extra Crispy Boneless out of a KFC Go Cup received nearly 1 million views on YouTube. The brand quickly decided to turn that viral video into a 30-second prime-time commercial.

KFC spokesman Rick Maynard said in an email to Nation’s Restaurant News that, even though the Louisville, Ky.-based chain would not purchase an in-game spot for its commercial, Super Bowl Sunday nonetheless presented a major opportunity for the brand’s marketing plans.

“KFC chose to kick off our #HowDoYouKFC campaign on one of the biggest TV-watching days of the year,” he said. “The decision to include a 30-second version of ‘Motocross’ was driven by the way KFC fans reacted to the video…. When our fans speak, we listen.”

KFC will air four commercials during Fox’s pregame show, including the Bryce Hudson ad airing in the hour before kickoff.