The Hooters brand is about fun, said chief marketing officer Dave Henninger, and creating a welcoming atmosphere for everybody to watch sporting events and let loose.

“We want to be welcoming to everyone from teenagers, boomers, men, women…everyone should be able to come to Hooters to have a great time,” he said.

The one of the company’s latest ad spots shows just that: A group of men and women coming to Hooters to dine on salads and crab legs.

The Atlanta-based company is aiming to expand its current customer base by offering a more varied menu and by marketing late-night deals at its more than 400 locations.

Last year, the company overhauled its brand, expanding the menu and improving service quality. Nation’s Restaurant News followed up with Henninger on those initiatives and what’s next for the breastaurant brand.

Tell me a bit about Hooters’ current marketing strategy.

I think from a marketing perspective probably one of the single biggest ideas we’re bringing to bear is this whole idea of ‘stepping into awesome.’ Defining our purpose, why we exist, is probably our biggest single focus this year.

In the past we were so focused on what we did — be it wings, sports, hooters girls, beer. What we started to realize is that when the Hooters girls open those doors and say hello you’re entered into this awesome world of awesomeness. It’s a chance to just have a great time and leave all your worries at the doors.

We are very different from that tragically hip nightclub that people go can come the way you want. It’s just fun. And people leave with a smile, and that’s a really good reason for us to exist.

Last year Hooters revamped its menu. Are the changes you made (more salads, healthier options) resonating with consumers?

Very much. Salads are approaching 5 percent of our mix. Wings are still clearly leading the pack, but salads are a great part of our mix.

It’s getting rid of that veto vote. If you’re in a group, and people say ‘let’s go to Hooters,’ and somebody says, ‘I can’t eat fried food’ — we’ve got salads now, we’ve got seafood. We’ve got other items coming out in the fall and in spring next year.

Operationally, we’re continuing to improve the menu.

In what ways will you improve the offerings?

We’re going to start to offer LTO menus. In July, we’re going to launch a national campaign around our ‘Back to the Beach’ menu. We’re going to be offering a seafood menu that harkens back to our beach heritage. We’re also going to bring back drunken mussels, a blackened Mahi sandwich and crab legs. And that’s probably going to bring in new folks.

I think folks still look at us as a fried food place, but this gives us a chance to expand our relevance like we did with salads. It gives people something different to eat — the motivation to come back and try something different at Hooters. At some point you can’t eat wings six days a week.

Fried pickles started as an LTO in Texas and are now our best-selling appetizer. Drunken mussels might become the best-selling appetizer at Hooters some day. Who knows?